The New Development Paradigm

Last summer Garðarshólmur was invited to take part in writing a report for the Bhutan New Development office in Thimphu initiated by the King of Bhutan. The aim of the report was to envision a future based on happiness, well-being, and an understanding of mankind’s interdependent relationship with nature. Lead by Robert Costanza and Jacqueline McGlade the project involved some of the worlds foremost specialists in the field of sustainability science, such as Steve de Bonvoisin, Petra Fagerholm, Joshua Farley, Enrico Giovannini, Ida Kubiszewski, Frances Moore Lappé, Hunter Lovins, Kate Pickett, Greg Norris, Thomas Prugh, Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir, Debra Roberts and Richard Wilkinson . Garðarshólmur’s work involved developing linked policies to balance population and consumption with the earth’s natural, social, and economic capacity and was a part of the Environmental Sustainability section of the report supervised by Kristín Vala Ragnarsdóttir and Debra Robinson. Garðarshólmur’s input can be found here: Population and consumption measures

Further info on this work and the authors can be found at

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The Gardarsholm Project will become a world centre for environmental discussion and research, linking national and international learning institutions by:

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